Meet Our Team

Meet Our Tidy Wizards

Liz Yntema smiling

Liz Yntema, Co-Owner

Pronouns: she/her
Important Details: With over 20 years of experience in business, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge and mentorship to The Tidy Biz.
Areas of Expertise: Finances, Human Resources, Systemization, Inventory Management, and Strategy 
Something You Might Not Know: Liz is a mom of four super cool kids and nanny to one cute grandkid. She also owns a recreational and competitive sports facility called Pegasus Cheer Athletics and Zone Athletics.


Rachelle Provost sitting on a couch smiling

Rachelle Provost, M.Mgt, Co-Owner

Pronouns: they/she

Important Details: Rachelle is a lifelong student and a proud graduate of Brescia University College, Western University, and Trent University. 

With over 3 years of experience working on accounts at an agency and brand level, Rachelle is passionate about telling the stories behind businesses,  professionals, and entrepreneurs. 

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy, Paid Ads, and Account Management

Something You Might Not Know: Rachelle is a fur mom to a giant fluff ball, Boots, and will happily talk about him anytime. Rachelle trains as an Elite cheerleader and tumbler, coaches cheerleading, and loves camping. 


Alisha Tidmarsh smiling

Alisha Tidmarsh, Copywriter

Pronouns: she/her

Important Details: Alisha graduated from the University of Toronto. Her passion for marketing has encouraged her to create content for businesses in both Toronto and Hong Kong. She is excited to continue helping businesses to tell their stories and spread their word!

Areas of Expertise: Social Media Coordination, Content Management, and Copywriting 

Something You Might Not Know: Alisha loves to travel, and has been lucky enough to visit all seven continents in the world!


Bex Foreman, Digital Ads Specialist

Bex Foreman, Digital Ads Specialist

Pronouns: she/her

Important Details: Bex has worked in the field of Public Relations and Communications for over 20 years. Her degree in counselling has been beneficial when creating meaningful content for any industry she supports.

Areas of Expertise: Creative Design, Public Relations, Content Creation and Management.

Something You Might Not Know: Bex does not believe in taking life too seriously…being married to a Funeral Director for over 20 years reminds you just how short life really is. With an amazing daughter and husband, her favourite hobbies include laughing at the little things and drinking too many Starbucks.


Our team is excited to work alongside you to organize and grow your business!